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Visual Artist

Harem Tahir


Harem is a Kurdish artist who was born in Halabja, Kurdistan which was bombed by the Iraqi regime when he was just two years old, and 5000 people were killed in a few hours. His childhood had been overtaken by war and displacement. Harem and his family were forced to flee to a refugee camp in Iran, and that was not the only time they displayed several times because of war and forcing them to live over 9 years in refugee camps.

Harem holds a Bachelor's in Fine Art and completed the Master Teacher Trainer Program at Birmingham College in Erbil, Kurdistan. He worked as a teacher in the Educational Development Institute of Kurdistan. He is a distinct member of Kurdistan’s art syndicate. He has showcased his original works in over 40 exhibitions, including 8 solo shows. Additionally, some of his works were published in multiple books and magazines, and his work has been studied for a master's thesis at the College of Fine Art in Kurdistan. Beyond the canvas, Harem's influence extends to film. His documentary, "Harem Memories of Home," triumphed at the MENA Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada.

As his country was forced into war and a humanitarian crisis, Harem used his creativity as a tool to help himself and the people around him cope with a frightening new reality. He was extensively involved with organizations providing refugee humanitarian support and educational development for children, and he volunteered in several refugee camps in Iraq helping kids heal through creative activities. He created art projects to support and raise funds for the children in the refugee camps.

 Harem is currently working at the Immigrant Services Society of BC, where he is supporting refugees who arrived in British Columbia. Also, he is an art instructor at the Anvil Centre. On the other side, Harem continues working on his art by having art projects. He is collaborating with Stand Festival in Vancouver, showcasing his art and having a show at Silk Purse Gallery. Also, he is participating in the project ‘The Stories from Camp’ in Italy, organized by Fondazione Imago Mundi at the Gallerie delle Prigioni.

Currently, Harem lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he keeps creating art with the hopes of making an impact on the Canadian art scene. To view Harem’s work, visit his website at

Harem Jamal
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