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Visual Artist

Harem Jamal

Harem Jamal- Visual Artist.jpg

Harem Jamal is a Kurdish Iraqi artist living in Vancouver BC, Canada. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan, completed the Master Teacher Trainer Program at Birmingham College in Erbil, Kurdistan, and he worked as a teacher in the Educational Development Institute of Kurdistan.

Harem is a distinct member of Kurdistan’s art syndicate. He has showcased his original work in over 30 exhibitions, including 6 solo shows. Additionally, some of his best work was published in multiple art books.

As his country was forced into war and a humanitarian crisis, Harem used his creativity as a tool to help himself and the people around him cope with a frightening new reality. He was extensively involved with REACH organization providing refugee humanitarian support and educational development for children, and he volunteered in a number of refugee camps in Iraq helping kids heal through creative activities.

Currently, Harem lives in British Columbia, Canada, where he keeps creating art with the hopes of making an impact on the Canadian art scene. To view Harem’s work, visit his website at

Harem Jamal
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