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The Project

The Purpose
     With social justice issues, reality is not as simple as we might want to believe. For instance, many understand that human trafficking is a real issue but may not know that this happens everywhere–likely even in your own city.

     Songs of Hope dives into uncomfortable issues pervading our society today with the intentions of sharing stories about some of the world’s dark injustices. This project allows the stories to be told through music and permits the message to be documented and distributed in order to foster awareness among the general populace, with the hope that knowledge will lead to change. Moreover, relationships with local & national agencies offer avenues for the public to learn how they can help in an area where they are passionate.

How Did This Come About?
     In 2017, the two co-directors of the project heard a story about a young trafficked victim who had been raped more than eleven thousand times. This story crushed them, and they realized then that they must do something to combat some of these injustices by revealing stories to those who are unaware–just as they were at the time. After partnering with organizations to provide stories shared with audiences, Songs of Hope commissioned composers who are passionate about each topic and had the stories set to music. Likewise, the performers who realize these compositions are extremely passionate about each topic and hope to use their voices to share the powerful texts in an impactful way to audiences.

The Experience
     Each multi-media event is centered around a live musical performance featuring stories and artwork from four social justice categories: 












     Moments of speaking are intertwined with the music to give the audience background information, statistics, and ways to become involved in their communities. The total running time can be adjusted to the needs of the venue and can be shortened to fit 25 minute slots up to the full event of approximately 90 minutes (plus opportunities to engage before & after).

How Can I Host Songs of Hope?
     Songs of Hope has been booked in many venues, from Carnegie Hall to local schools throughout the U.S. Whether you are a community/civic organization, a college/university, a house of worship, or other type of venue, we are humbled & excited to share these messages with you and your patrons. However, because of the sensitive and dark nature of the material presented, we asked that listener & viewer discretion be considered. For further discussion, please contact us here.



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